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Honda Engine Dress-Up Hardware Kit


Product Information

Honda Engine Dress-Up Hardware Kit (B/D/H/J/K)

  • This hardware kit replaces most of the external fasteners on your engine with stainless steel hardware & billet Beauty Washers
  • Beauty Washers available in various colors
  • 100+pc. kit
  • Kit includes:

B/D/H:TPS, IAT, DIST. Cap, Thermostat Housing Ground, FPR, VTEC Solenoid, VTEC, FITV, Cam Caps, H20 Neck, Distributor, Thermostat Housing, Throttle Body*, IACV, Exhaust Manifold*, Intake Manifold*, Fuel Rail & Slave Cylinder.

J: MAP, TPS, Fuel Line Mount, Thermostat Ground, Oil Dip Stick, Hardline On TB, Throttle Cable Bracket, VTEC Solenoid, Vacuum Line Mount On Fuel Rails, Fuel Rails, Intake Manifold Covers (top*/sides), Cam Gear/Belt Plastic Covers, Thermostat Housing, Timing Belt Tensioner, ACCY. Belt Tensioner, Intake Manifold To Head, EGR*, Cam Seals, Headers, Throttle Body*, Water Passage Housing*, Oil Filter Mount. 

K: TPS, EVAP Sensor, IACV, Throttle Cable, Cam Sensors, Shifter Cable Bracket, Thermostat, Thermostat Housing, H20 Neck, Head Bolts, VTC Strainer, Coil Packs, VSS, VTEC, Fuel Rail, Slave Cylinder, Intake Manifold*, Throttle Body*, Timing Chain Case & Crank Sensor.


*This kit replaces the studs with bolts on these locations. You MUST remove the studs on these locations. Always make sure to use anti-seize when replacing hardware.



Product Code: HEDUHK