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FRS/BRZ/86 Dress Up Hardware Kit


Product Information

Bolt Boys FRS/BRZ/86 Dress Up Hardware Kit

This kit is designed to replace most of your oem hardware in your engine bay. Each kit includes (34) V.3 Aluminum Washers, (34) Anti-scratch rubber washers, and (34) Stainless steel socket head bolts. Bolt Boys Kits will never rust and they will give your car that custom look. As seen on Vortech FRS!

(6) Top Fenders

(7) Bumper

(4) Headlights (Bolt+Nut)

(4) Coolant Fill Neck

(3) Air Box (30mm Bolts)

(2) Fues Box

(1) Wiper Fluid Tank (Bolt+Nut)

(2) Alternator Cover (30mm Bolts)

(2) A/C Cover

(1) ABS Bracket

(2) Radiator Stay

* 10mm Hardware

* 10mm Hardware w/ Nut

* 12mm Hardware



Product Code: FRSBRZ86DUHK